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30 Day Detox

30 Day Detox

  • You feel like you have been overdoing it for too long?
  • Your body feels sluggish and unhealthy?
  • Having health issues or recurring illness?
  • Poor skin, hair & nails?
  • Prone to bloating or upset stomach?

trainerThe 30 day detox is designed as a whole body cleanse, to elimate toxins, boost energy, boost your immune function, improve gut function and give you a glowing tone!

Not only will this plan aid weight loss, it works to cleanse the liver and reduce current ailments and illnesses. The programme works by cutting out or reducing the level of stimulants, saturated fats, sugars and other toxins and increasing natural food stuffs that elevate levels of essential vitamins and minerals as well as correct hydration. There are supplements available that can also aid a correct detox which will be advised.

Lets get rid of that excess waste and give your immune system a boost to keep you healthy and ensure optimum organ function. Another great result of detoxing is clearer and smoother skin and shinier hair, also dental freshness can be greatly improved.

Not only does the 30 day detox promote physical changes but also mental ones. Say hello to clearer thinking and an improved sense of wellbeing. At Body Fuel we are dedicated to responsible, realistic and healthy eating. Promoting natural, un-processed and primary food sources as nature intended. We fully promote the need for 'intelligent' nutrition based on lifelong health and perseverance of body systems. This sense of increased longevity along with the anti ageing benefits of the detox work perfectly to cleanse your physical and emotional lifestyle.

We provide a full online service available to everyone worldwide. Contact via phone, email, skype and other electronic methods. You can purchase online and a starter pack will be immediately sent to you via email to begin the process.

30 Day Detox is priced at £40.