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Sport Nutrition

Sport Nutrition

trainerThis package is intended for individuals who actively participate in sport & fitness activities on a regular basis and are looking for a nutritional plan to complement this. Correct nutrition for sporting individuals is extremely important as your bodies needs are greatly altered due to the differing input & output. You plan will be devised with your fitness goals and levels at the foremost of importance.

No matter what sport you are in to, sports nutrition plays a key role in optimising the beneficial effects of physical activity. Making the correct decisions with your nutrition and fluid intake can result in improved performance, recovery and injury prevention.

The initial step involves the completion of a confidential questionnaire on your health, lifestyle and fitness, including a full medical history. All this can be done online and will be sent to you via email.

We will take a full nutritional breakdown of your current diet and analyse your present strengths and weaknesses and improve any inadequacies or deficiencies that could be affecting your health. We will cover any nutritional, health and lifestyle issues you have and take measurements of your current physiological status to track you continuing improvements.

Once this is complete we will have a detailed picture of your health and use this to determine your goals and discuss the methods that need to be implemented to achieve these.

Body Fuel offers a range of services to support your health and sporting goals. This will range from a daily food diary, to a comprehensive food and nutrition plan for training and competitions. We will also detail your supplementation and hydration intake as required.

At Body Fuel we are dedicated to responsible, realistic and healthy eating. Promoting natural, un-processed and primary food sources as nature intended. We fully promote the need for 'intelligent' nutrition based on lifelong health and perseverance of body systems.

We provide a full online service available to everyone worldwide. Contact via phone, email, skype and other electronic methods. You can purchase online and a starter pack will be immediately sent to you via email to begin the process.

Sports Nutritional Programming is priced at £50