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Competition Preparation Package

trainerCompetition Prep is available across most federations and includes all women's categories, however, due to the high demand required and the input needed by the competitor spaces are limited and assessed prior to starting. This ensures that each athlete receives the highest level of individual coaching needed to step on stage. Our experienced prep coach, Claire, will take you through your prep from start to finish. If you are unsure about your federation or event date we can discuss this with you and find out which is best for you.

The initial step involves the completion of a confidential questionnaire on your health, lifestyle and fitness, a full medical history, competition experience and full information on the show and federation you will be competing in. All this can be done online and will be sent to you via email.

We will take a full nutritional and health breakdown of your current diet, exercise, health and fitness condition and analyse your present strengths and weaknesses and create a plan that will ensure you are in your peak condition on the day of your show. We will cover any nutritional, health and lifestyle issues you have to ensure you are mentally prepared for your prep.

Measurements of your current physiological status and body composition will be taken through a variety of methods and continually monitored through the course to track your continuing improvements.

Once this is complete we will have a detailed picture of your starting physique and use this to determine where you are currently at in your competition prep and discuss the methods that need to be implemented to achieve the end result…stepping on stage! We will always be realistic when beginning prep for competition and will only let you step on stage when we believe you are ready.

You will receive a totally bespoke diet plan and training programme detailing your weekly weight/resistance training and also your cardio and circuit exercises. These programmes will be refreshed according to how your body changes, again everyone will be different.

trainerThis package includes:
-a full diet plan with alterations for the course of the prep (totally bespoke to you)
-supplement guidance
-training programmes
-cardio plans
-posing advice & discounts
-online, text and phone 1 to 1 support
-show day advice

This package is valid for one season (usually 16 weeks dependant on current level and event date).

You will need to visit your coach in person to begin your prep with each session lasting approximately 90 minutes and during this time you will complete your assessment in depth with your coach, alongside physiological measurements, required to monitor progress closely. However, we do also provide a full online service available to everyone worldwide. Contact via phone, email, skype and other electronic methods.

We will devise a prep plan to meet your needs. Request a free call back using our online form. DISCOUNTS available please contact for details.

You will have access to online, text and phone support throughout your prep, although we do request a scheduled meeting in person at least once during the 16 weeks and once at the beginning of the package. If travel is no issue for you meetings can be more regularly. We will also be there on the day of your show at the event and back stage where possible. You can purchase online and a starter pack will be immediately sent to you via email to begin the process.

You can also pay monthly at £70 per month. Please contact for details.
We are always happy to negotiate payments plans to suit you.

In Person

Appointments are located at our Body Fuel HQ or we can provide home visits covering South West England and are available at a time to suit you.

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