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Training Plan (Male/Female)

Training Programme

trainerEach training plan we creat is designed with your individual goals in mind. Many women look to ascertain certain aesthetics from their training including a rounder/fuller glute, visible abdominals for example.

Everyone has a certain 'look' they are trying to achieve and our training plans are designed to make this possible.

You tell us how you want your physique to look and we will create a plan that embodies that image. Simple.

For the creation of our bespoke training plans we require a breakdown of your current level or fitness, health history and current training/exercise regime. We also need to assess your body composition at present to determine a plan to get you the desired aesthetics you hope to achieve.

We provide a full online service available to everyone worldwide. You can purchase online and a starter pack will be immediately sent to you via email to begin the process.

Training plans are priced at £30.