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Fit Mum

Fit Mum

trainerWould you love to describe yourself as a 'fit mum'? Well now you can so look no further!

This package is intended for mums who are looking for a nutritional plan to complement their lifestyle and follow a plan which they can maintain. No more fad diets, no more fluctuating weights, lead a happy and healthy lifestyle in the body you want. Most importantly teaching your children healthy and beneficial eating habits that will last a lifetime.

At Body Fuel we understand all to well the changes that take place inside and out on your body during pregnancy and for the years after childbirth. But having children should not effect your mindset negatively in anyway and this plan is designed to change your mum body perception and turn it into an empowered fit mum outlook. Lets wear our stripes with pride and achieve the body you want and need.

So lets learn a little self love, ditch the body hate and stop the mindless emotional eating. We will start by gathering together all the information required on your health history, lifestyle, exercise and fitness level, your current food intake including meal plans and shopping lists. We then use all this information along with detailed measurements of your physical status to create a totally individual nutritional plan that will contain a varied diet for every day of the week.

Our plans that we create for mums will try to incorporate meals that can be shared as a family to ensure those all important social meal times round the table are not neglected in any way. The fit mums programme is as much about your mental wellbeing for you and your family as it is about your physical appearance.

We will also provide advice on exercise and training regimes that will best suit your specific goals and current physiological status. Many of these regimes will be home based exercises, perfect for those who find it hard to get to the gym or have issues with childcare.

We provide a full online service available to everyone worldwide. Contact via phone, email, skype and other electronic methods. You can purchase online and a starter pack will be immediately sent to you via email to begin the process.

Fit Mums Programme is Priced at £50 and includes daily phone & email support